New technologies bring new business models that are often not developed by established companies but by newcomers. Even though legal considerations are not usually the main focus from an entrepreneurial point of view, they are of fundamental importance for the development and a possible later exit: the intellectual property must be secured, the contracts must be drawn up properly, the employees must be sustainably incentivized and the relationships with the investors must be balanced.

Legal Services

Koller Law supports domestic and foreign venture and private equity investors with regard to their investments in growth companies and also advises them on regulatory issues. We advise start-up and growth companies with customized solutions at transparent and calculable prices or flat rates.

Our legal advice in the field of start-up, venture and private equity relates in particular to the following areas:

  • Comprehensive regulatory advice to venture and private equity funds

  • Incorporations

  • Corporate housekeeping

  • Shareholder agreements (for incorporation and financing rounds)

  • Protection of intellectual property with external specialists

  • Employee participation programs (option plans, participation certificates, phantom stocks, share repurchase agreements, etc.)

  • Financings (including mezzanine)

  • Investment agreements between investors and growth companies

  • Implementation of shareholder agreement requirements (possibly inspired by foreign law) in articles of association and organizational regulations

  • Corporate governance structures

  • Capital increases

  • Exit scenarios / M&A

  • Over-indebtedness and capital losses

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